You should love him for who he is and what he believes in I.e. but shes wrong cause he is the one. If you love her/him would you sacrifice for a cause and that life would have meaning? He said he would never force me, but that it would make him genuinely happy. She is a Muslim and I am a Christian. Th Remember to pray daily and to include your Muslim friend. Facebook. Maybe. Six weeks later, she told me that she heard from God and that whether we got back together or not, she was starting the process to become Catholic. 1 thập kỷ trước . My best guy friend (he brought me to God) has been trying to help me convert him ever sense I found out he was an atheist. im 15, and i love my bf to death. But here is the question: why are some Muslims attracted to the way of Jesus Christ? My current boyfriend doesn’t believe in religion at all, which is a huge problem because he doesn’t understand the seriousness of mine. हिन्दी hi. Who has more converts? Here are some of the main reasons: 1) The Bible. At the beginning of our relationship, everything was rainbows and butterflies and unicorns (as is with every new relationship) but then things started getting way more serious. In fact, if we didn't want to convert anyone, if we just kept to ourselves, it either means 1) we don't think we have the truth, or 2) we're selfish individuals who don't care about the rest of humanity. Conversion to Christianity is the religious conversion of a previously non-Christian person to Christianity. 1 0. He is a firm atheist. العربية ar. Question. I had doubts in my heart that something's going on and he is not telling me about it. Dear Pastor Paul, My 17-year-old son told me that he is interested in Islam and thinking about converting. 34% Normal 53 Comments I have never met a man with so much talent, knowledge, skills, and wisdom as my current boyfriend. I have a great relationship with my boyfriend, we care about each other deeply. Not because she has a strong relation with God, but because she wants to post Facebook statuses about Him and "get a lot of likes." 26 Câu trả lời. Assuming that, after subsequent visits, you grow into the conviction that Orthodox Christianity is the fullness of Truth as revealed by Jesus Christ and discern your desire to embrace faith in Our Lord in its fullness, make your desire known to the parish priest, who will initiate the period of instruction and spiritual formation that eventually would lead to your reception into the Church. Relationships-My boyfriend wants to convert me. I am so hurt, I feel like I’ve wasted so much time and had been mislead from all the lies he told me. My boyfriend is Afghan (aged 18, turning 19 in a couple of months) and Im Australian female (aged 17). They are building beautiful Jewish families together. Trả lời Lưu. that means she is also one of the regular person that believe in "conversation" I use to be student councellor in one computer institute - I use to get target to enroll the students in different our computer courses! His parents won't let him marry me because I'm not Muslim, so he thinks this is the best thing for our relationship. respect his choices in life, it's not your choices it's his and I believe he is intelligent enough to make his own. I need some advise. We've been together for a few months and love each other very much, he cares about my safety and swore he would never hurt me. I'm wondering if you'd like to speak to people in similar situations. I knew Christianity meant a lot to him, and happily put my prejudices to one side as long as he could explain his faith to me in a way that I could understand and we could laugh about it. No. However, there is one problem. Uygur ug. Anonymous. What would i have to wear? Ultimately, I realized that I could never leave my home in the Catholic Church but I didn’t want her to convert for me. I heard more about the cause of many of my struggles: the lusts and desires that exist within me, or my own demands and expectations. Converts to Christianity; Total population; There are approximately 2.7 million conversions to Christianity every year, according to the World Christian Encyclopedia.. English en. What it’s like to convert to Islam for the man you love . We’ve been together over two years and I’ve only told a few family members who I knew wouldn’t care. My boyfriend wants me to convert to Islam? My Muslim boyfriend has asked me to marry him. I am so hurt how he lead me on all this time, had me thinking that we were going to be together and how he was going to leave the Hall. He wants me to go to church with him but he doesnt want to go with me. Get an answer for 'Im a catholic woman and my man is born again christian. My boyfriend proposed, he is Muslim and he wants me to change my religion to his. If you want to convert your Muslim friend to Christianity, you have to tell God first! I am church of england. Let me know if you have any questions Hi, I found your story very compelling. Ariela and Biniyam are going to have a major issue when it comes to how they want to raise their son. How would this effect me? if theres sex involved maybe. About your boyfriend, he was somehow a mean for you to convert to islam but this relationship is indeed haraam and you need to stop, so you need to give him an ultimatum. You deserve better. 中文 zh. 21-year-old Aliyah used to be known as Alexandra. He also told me that before anything else he wants me to get him to know better so that he will know if I would still fall in love with him despite of every flaws he had. Muslim boyfriend wants me to convert? Español es. There's a particular story that captures your situation and I'll tell it to you. He wants to get married in the mosque which is fine if allowed. Atheists, your girlfriend or boyfriend wants you to convert for Christianity? I have been steadily building a relationship with God for the past 3 years. Not sure about that. c. Yes. I don’t know what else to do.” e. Quit. The scholars of Islam find this kind of conversion distasteful. If you really love your boyfriend you shouldn't even consider to convert him into christianity. My boyfriend wants to convert to Islam, should I stay or leave? I love my husband of 20 years, but our sexual differences are putting a strain on our marriage. Yesterday we had a conversation about religions in general just because i want to know if what i'm feeling is right and he told me about his feelings but he is not sure yet. Today, my daughter told me that she wanted to convert to Christianity. For a non-Jew who wants to have a deeply committed and meaningful relationship with G-d, one does not have to convert. বাংলা bn. we've been together since we were 4 (: and i'd do anything for him, my love for him is undying. And if he gives you excuses, then you move on. Although, I did not have a Jewish boyfriend when I decided to convert, I do know people who have been in the same situation that you have. Shouldnt it be 50/50? You are not suppose to convert for the sake of any human being. In the time that followed I continued to attend these meetings to learn more about what for me was a new understanding of Christianity. b. I am not an overly religious person, but I have my beliefs and I am a Catholic at heart, not to mention it would destroy my family who are devout Catholics. A Muslim woman is in love with a Christian man and wants to marry him 100148 Publication : 02-01-2016 Views : 141278 en. Either he introduce you to his family either it is over between you. Русский ru. My girlfriend wants me to convert to Islam Dear Counselor, I am in love with a very woman who has all the qualities I have always dreamt of and I always feel that I hit a jackpot with her. Ten years ago, he asked me to talk dirty to him about having sex with other men. I will say that Muslims converting to Christianity often pay a heavy price in terms of persecution, and that Westerners converting to Islam are afforded generous protection by their governments. Will this be a problem? Mức độ liên quan? Boyfriend is muslim and wants me to convert + Favorite. I am a 51 year old that has been married twice before. Pardon me if I say so myself, and I think I speak for all Christians when I say this, but eternal life is not a bad thing. His parents won't let him marry me because I'm not Muslim, so he thinks this is the best thing for our relationship. Today your g/f wants to convert you in christianity but if after 10 years may attract towards Buddhisam - then what? اردو ur. So now when I speak with him, he’s cold, brief and very, very short and doesn’t have much to say to me any more. my mom says to knock it off, it's only a "teenage thing". Tell Him how you feel, and really open your heart to Him, so that He can see how devoted you are, and so that He can help you overcome this challenge and achieve victory. Indonesian id. Different sects of Christianity may perform various different kinds of rituals or ceremonies on a convert in order to initiate them into a community of believers. 2 2. Câu trả lời yêu thích. Do you agree or not? Neither is the case. One of the most often asked questions I get as a Rabbi/Chaplain is, “What does Orthodox Judaism say about Gentiles?” If you are concerned about having a place in the World to Come, you still need not convert. He has expressed though that he would one day like me to convert to Muslim. Follow. Français fr. His family is pretty laid back and doesn’t really make a big deal about religion. I suggested we move on (we had dated 3 years) since marriage would be hard enough even within the same faith. On the other hand there are always people, converts out there who might tell , I just had enough, it’s boring, not worth , I don’t want to be Jewish anymore are the people who converted with interest( marriage, boyfriend, girlfriend etc) and never fully explored what really can offer Judaism on a spiritual level. After nearly a year of being together, we decided to have a talk about what we both want out of the relationship. a. Twitter. d. Tough.