Learn how to play Must Be The Whiskey by Cody Jinks on guitar now! He finished the first take and said, “Okay I think I know what to do, run it again.” I said, “Nope, that was perfect.”. Ahead of the album’s release comes the debut track “Must Be The Whiskey”. With songs like “Yesterday Again”, “It Don’t Rain in California”, “Whiskey”, and “Think Like You Think” I felt we had made a really great “county” record. Find top songs and albums by Cody Jinks including Loud and Heavy, Must Be the Whiskey and more. One thing became very evident to me early on - the simplicity of the music accompanying the vocals and the song itself. I can’t take any credit for what the guys came up with. In the wake of the the civil unrest that has marked this year, and the protests and conversations that have followed, many country artists have shared their thoughts, opinions, and reflections on racial injustice in the United States. Editors’ Notes Cody Jinks’ burly Texas twang, DIY metal past, and deep-seated reverence for the burlier, bar-brawlin’ side of country music shine through on his eighth album, Lifers—his first foray into working with a label. 2) Unlike Whiskey Myers, Cody Jinks did not take advantage of a ticket bundle, meaning selling albums with ticket packages to boost debut sales. He said he had gone into the store to try to get a drink, that he was thirsty. Back to the bar until my drinkins done It was obvious that he was nearly gone based purely on the amount of blood everywhere and gaunt face. I’ll sit here and keep on grinnin’, drowned my head and keep on livin’, I pushed these guys in some directions they may not have been comfortable doing. Listen to Adobe Sessions by Cody Jinks on VIBBIDI - Browse every single Songs, Tracklists, Music Videos, Remixes, Fan Covers, Live Performances, Tours, Playlists, Lyrics, Narrative Stories, News & … Black Label Even Williams from the liquor store Eddie, our amazing sound engineer and my right hand man in the studio, is a master at tracking these types of situations live. “The Wanting”, “Wounded Mind”, and “Which One I Feed” were all part of the last group of songs we recorded. I told him play like you walked into a jam and picked up in the middle of the song. We could have stopped right then and there, but the songs just kept coming. We were 15-16 songs in and really proud of everything we had done to this point. I said, “I’m taking this, too!”. His knowledge of country, rock, metal and beyond is significant. We took the time that night to get set up for the next day. Cody Jinks. Talk about a gut punch of a story. There were two days left on the last session. 679K likes. Even though there was a ton of material for these records, the flow and process worked magically. Equipment had to be re-arranged for this kind of setup. CODY JINKS "Red Rocks Live" has arrived! If we do not change together for the better, we are fucked. I walked over to him, and I asked, “What did you do”? I then lit two cigarettes and put one in his mouth. I gave complete control to the Tonedeaf Hippies to come up with something. No edits, no magic, just Billy. I opened the Sprite and helped him drink. smoked or not. When Cody showed us the tune, he told us that it felt like a Billy Joe Shaver song. Cody, who is staring forty in the face, reflected on where he grew up, where he worked, his start in music, and then the time he watched a man die in a convenient store parking lot… all through the lenses of race relations. I didn’t think much of it as we were in a part of town and known for having a vast homeless population. Must Be The Whiskey chords by Cody Jinks 44,521 views, added to favorites 5,448 times Changed tuning to proper half step down. Cody, on the other hand, thought it was a great idea and a great way to showcase the band. Some songs just don’t end up working like you think they will. Never been confused about who I am Eddie had the idea of building the song from the ground up centered around the acoustic guitar. We were, of course, proud of what we had done but didn’t know how Cody would feel about it. Lyrics to "Must Be The Whiskey" by CODY JINKS: No I'm not goin' crazy, but lately my head and my heart / Seem to be at least a million miles apart / My heart says to love ya, my head says to run / It's like my heart is to afraid to I was headed back to the cooler and said, “I’m getting that man a Sprite.”, On my way back from the cooler with the Sprite, I realized I had blood all over me and had tracked it through the store. Eddie catches my attention running into the room frantically setting ProTools up to begin recording. “What do you want to drink?” I asked. Watch the video for Must Be The Whiskey from Cody Jinks's Lifers for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Jinks released the album Lifers on July 27, 2018, via Rounder Records. By the way, that solo you hear is a one-take solo. Or what I think it takes for me to be a man, But lately it’s been hell just trying to get by They just thought they were rehearsing the song. I asked HotRod to dust off his dobro chops. I opened the door and walked back outside to find the old man collapsed against the building, hunched over. I did not panic; it was more of an angry/sad feeling because I quickly realized that he had been sitting there bleeding out for some time, and people were stepping over him like it was just another day at the office. —his first foray into working with a label. Cody, who is staring forty in the face, reflected on where he grew up, where he worked, his start in music, and then the time he watched a man die in a convenient store parking lot… all through the lenses of race relations. I cried when I got home that night, not only for the poor soul that was lost, but because I had seen the best and worst in people at the same time. Whiskey Riff is the most entertaining country site…ever. CODY JINKS / Music / The Wanting / Whiskey PRODUCER NOTES "The months leading up going into the studio Cody sent me half a dozen songs or so to give me an idea of what he was working with. I can’t remember which song we started with, but within the first two or three songs we began tracking “After the Fire”. There are no drums, other than a mallet hitting a kick. All the while, our new good Samaritan friend was holding the old man’s hand. As we waited for the ambulance, our good Samaritan friend kept the pressure on the hand. Skip to main content.us Hello, Sign in … Cody Jinks has an upcoming album, Lifers, set to go out on the 27th of July. There is the first act that feels heavy and moody. He looked at me with a blank expression and said, “I’d like a sprite and a cigarette.”, I walked back into the store as the clerk was starting to mop up the blood. It was just the two of us in there. So, it ends, it has too. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a What started off as an off-the-cuff remark during the first two weeks came to fruition at the very end of the process. The way we recorded there could be no edits or punching in and out. Even though the theme of the song had been written, we still had to figure out the song itself. We actually walked away from the song for a day or two. The kind that breaks your heart, maybe makes you cry a little, maybe makes you feel guilty or angry. From the gang vocals on “The Wanting”, to the heavy riffs in “Wounded Mind”, or walking the thin line of “is this ‘dark county or straight up metal” for “Which One I Feed”. That’s like asking me to play bass without a low E string. Now a 3rd act has gotten in on the action, as Cody Jinks has done something even more unprecedented, and shattered another ceiling over independent music. He said, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired,”. Check out Must Be The Whiskey by Cody Jinks on Amazon Music. The album's first single, "Must Be the Whiskey," was released on June 15. The clerk was yelling, “He’s bleeding all over my floor!” I looked down, and I was standing in a pool of blood. 3) Cody Jinks has NO record label, meaning less attention from the media, radio, potential distribution limitations, etc. Whiskey won’t you help me make it through this one, if(get_field('album_the_cd_subtitle','album_'.$album_id)){echo get_field('album_the_cd_subtitle','album_'.$album_id);} else { echo 'PRE-ORDER';}?>. The biggest independent country artist on the planet. 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We washed up, looked at each, shook hands, and went our separate ways. Another great moment happened during “William and Wanda”. I felt like I found my baseline for the record. This was one of the most collaborative projects I have ever been a part of. When I walked back out, to my surprise, there was another man about my age that had come across the dying man and was on his knees, trying to apply pressure to his hand. Again, we set up live in a small circle to cut the song. On September 18th, not one, but two singles from Texas-based Southern rock band Whiskey Myers have been Certified Gold by the RIAA. By this point in the record, we were 18 or so songs in. If you only watch one concert this year (virtually of course, since most of us are living is a concert-less hell right now), this is going to be the one to pony up the cash for. Was this info helpful? No I'm not goin' crazy, but lately my head and my heart / Seem to be at least a million miles apart / My heart says to love ya, my head says to run / It's like That’s exactly how we recorded it. Cody, Chris and Drew also took that time to work on the song for the next day. “Ain’t a Train” was one of my favorite songs to produce.