And if you feel like, you would not able to keep seeds moist by refilling water, then cover seeds with tissue paper or cotton cloth. Coriander plants ought to be arranged around 6 to 8 inches apart. There is a trick in harvesting as well, that is, just cut above mature leaves. Friends, do change the water every 15 days interval and add 1/4th teaspoon of this fertilizer. In case you will plant coriander in soil, weed will become trouble & you have to remove them frequently. Else whenever you will harvest coriander, along with coriander weeds will also travel to your kitchen. Lots of hydroponic fertilizer options are there in the market. As these are mineral-based fertilizer, it will release only those nutrients which plant use to absorb for growth. How to Grow Coriander . Germination of coriander takes up to 3 weeks. Make sure the seeds are spread equally over the pot. Water them in dry periods and ensure the soil never dries out. Growing coriander isn’t difficult but there are certain things to bear in mind for successful growing. Coriander is very fast growing and should be harvested often by taking the outside leaves from the base of the plant. They require about 1 inch of water per week for best growth. Here we are using, solid water-soluble fertilizer with a 30:10:10 NPK ratio. Now keep this setup at a bright location. Friends, we have kept tissue paper over seeds, to keep it moist for longer. Letting cilantro plants bolt is how to grow coriander. High TDS hinders coriander seed germination & plant growth. So, Friends, Coriander plant starts giving a very good harvest from 40 days onward and you can see the result after 45 days of planting. In this short video, we will look into a unique hack or trick for growing enormous coriander (Cilantro) at home. If you still want to grow in water, then use RO water. Today, the herb is prominent especially in Asian and South American cooking. In case your kitchen window is well lit, you can grow coriander by this method and use it in your kitchen. Step 5 Apply a balanced fertilizer every two weeks to the cilantro during the growing season (spring through fall). The best form of no soil gardening is using an aquaponics system. Keep up the watering, as a … Each of them will grow into a coriander plant. The first benefit: You need not worry about soil. Its green leaves and seeds are used every day in recipes. Coriander growing conditions. Now, let’s talk about the benefit of this method. You just need to press seeds gently with some weight, which will break one coriander into two halves. There are many health benefits of coriander and hence it is a part of every other day-to-day typical Indian dish. Conditions when coriander would not able to grow in water. Do not let seeds dry. Fill it with water. Leave smaller leaves & let them grow for further harvesting. You have to dd a bit more water in the below container so that seeds can come in contact with water. Growing coriander might seem like a very simple or rather effortless task given the assumption that its all about scattering the seeds in a pot and letting them grow by themselves. Uses of coriander leaves include the preparation of chutneys, garnishing dishes, coriander water etc. Step 2: You can grow coriander in full sun and well-drained soil with a pH of 6.2 to 6.8. This fertilizer is having added micro-nutrients, so we need not mix anything else. Start giving the herb a balanced liquid plant food, such as 14-14-14, once a week when you normally water the plant. Your email address will not be published. 4. Sow seeds and water in well. Now the seeds are ready for growing the plant. Coriander doesn’t tend to get affected by too many pests and diseases but a regular water with a seaweed solution and organic liquid fertiliser will encourage it to maintain its’ vigour. growing in water. Seeds which we planted in the 2nd and 3rd batches are also started growing. Water the seedlings regularly throughout the growing season. If you feel like, you would not able to keep seeds moist by refilling water, then cover seeds with tissue paper or cotton cloth. Water thoroughly until the water comes out the drainage holes. This will help you in harvesting coriander in batches later. 6. Growing Coriander (Dhaniya) on the Terrace: To grow coriander on a terrace, you need to first select a container or a pot which has a width of 20 inches and a depth of 10 inches.The pot in which coriander is planted should be sufficiently big so that it can hold the plant which is grown completely.