Vitani (The Lion King)/Original Character(s) Vitani (The Lion King) Nala (The Lion King) Original Characters; Mother-Daughter Relationship; Lion King (1994) References; Movie: The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride; Summary. It was a peaceful day in the Pridelands. Originally a loyal follower of her mother, she eventually switched sides as a cub, when she ran away to the Pridelands after Zira gave her a particularly brutal thrashing after she tried to stop her mother from doing the same thing to Kovu. He rested his other palm on the base of Nita's  spine. On either side, fur sticks out from his chin. He and Kiara were settled down underneath the baobab tree. (XXX) The two lions arched their heads back while the air picked up. He has a tuft of dark brown hair, the beginnings of a mane, atop his head. He moved forward and nuzzled Vitani's foreleg. Kion left Nala's side, and curled his paws around Nita's flank. Vitani Vitani, scout of the Pridelanders. Ax-Crazy: Played with. She went alone to deal with the cubs so no one would see what she did with them, and got caught by Jasiri. Simba carefully eased Nita onto Kora's shoulders and with Vitani holding her steady, they began to make their way back to Pride Rock. He first ap… The Lion Guard: The Pride of the Pridelands Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. His eyes are green, with dark rims. Her nose is pink, unlike her mother and brothers, and her tail tuft is dusty brown. This is a fanmade/unofficial channel with news and clips of Disney's hit series, The Lion Guard. Vitani came up beside Kion and all eyes in their army turned to them. Vitani seems to have picked up a sarcastic nature from her mother, which she tends to use against Nuka. His forelegs have tufts of dark brown fur emerging from them. That was proof that she was ready to lead the Lion Guard." "Kiara, I wish we could've known Kovu and Tani's father" Kion said. Sometime after becoming leader of the Lion Guard, Vitani learns a horrible truth about her parentage. Vitani has a beef with Jasiri and her clan that goes back a while. Vitani moved forward and crouched beside Nita. "You can do this." The leader is bestowed with the Roar of the Elders, which helps them in battle. Vitani soothed. She and Kora instantly began to rush to their daughter. When Simba returned to the Pridelands, he kicked Scar and exiled the hyenas who killed Scar to the Outlands, but he let Zira, Nuka, Vitani, Kovu , Gira and Scar's most loyal followers stay because they did nothing wrong. Vitani is Zira's daughter and Kovu and Nuka's sister. Upon joining Simba's pride, Vitani becomes the leader of her own formed Lion Guard, and is devot… Kion's expression softened as Mari padded over to him, and crawled into his paws. Kora rubbed his paw against Nita's cheek. "Vitani, she is the leader of the Lion Guard?" Sometime in between the events of The Lion King and The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, he was banished to the Outlands alongside Zira, his siblings and the rest of Scar's followers. She is very confident, though it may come across as slightly being cocky. Not long after the prides merge, Kion 's Lion Guard enters the Outlands. Before Nita could grab it, Kenai rushed forward and bumped into Nita. The Lion Guard: The Pride of the Pridelands Wiki, Vitani prepares to light the sticks Vitani annoyed Vitani rolling her eyes at Nuka Vitani in The Elephant Graveyard Vitani watching Kovu's progress Vitani … Vitani tried not to shake in angst but Kovu put his paw on her shoulder. With Kion holding the haunches steady, Rafiki began to twist the tail. When they reached her, Kenai had gotten off her and was pressed against Belee. Kopa answered. Appearance. Kovu is a stocky lion cub with red-brown fur. "She'll need to rest for two days, don't let her out of her nest" Rafiki said. She appears unimpressed by her older brother, Nuka, when he tries to attack someone.Unlike her sister-in-law that disobey her father not to go to Outlands, Vitani is obediant to her parents. Vitani pressed herself against Kora's pelt. She is an Outsider lioness, and later a Pridelander. "Yeah, but Vitani was fierce enough to challenge dad without the roar. He bent his head, and nuzzled Nita's cheek. She is very confident, though may come across as slightly cocky. Amazon Brigade: Since Zira's pride was mainly composed of lionesses, Vitani's Lion Guard is made up of Vitani and her lionness friends. Vitani has light tan-colored fur, electric blue eyes with dark circles around each, and a tuft of hair on her head. He asked. After the Outsiders join Simba 's pride, Vitani forms her own Lion Guard. Even as a young adult, she is shown picking at Nala over the disappearance of Kiara. She became the leader of The Lion Guard. Zira forced Nala to give Scar a future leader of the Lion Guard, Scar made Nala pregnant with Kopa and Nala left for the jungle. Name. Read Episode 7 - Vitani from the story The Lion Guard - Season 4 by JoshuaCrawford3 (Joshua Crawford) with 456 reads. The Atoner: While not explicitly stated, it is very heavily implied that the reason they became the Lion Guard is to make up for believing Zira's lies that the Pride Landers were evil. Kion said soothingly. Sometime in between the events of The Lion King and The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Vitani, along with the rest of the Outsiders, was banished from the Pride Lands by Simba, for supporting Scar. Nuka was the oldest son of Zira and was born at some point during Scar's reign as King of the Pride Lands. She has earrings as a young adult but lacks them as a cub. read it and see what happens :) also don't mind the badddd errors and mis placement of the punctuations. Nita asked. Despite being the oldest of Zira's children, he is neglected by Zira in favor of Kovu, Scar's chosen heir. "Kenai, Belee, go home" Kion said softly. All three of her children are named after characters in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: the Sith Lords. Kion watched her depart, before rushing towards Nita. "I can visit Papa and Nana, can't I?" Vitani was born to Zira and to either Scar or an unknown lion. His eyes are green, with dark rims. As a cub, she was roughly the same size as Kovu. Rafiki kept up the pressure until he felt a tiny click underneath Nita's fur. When they entered the den, Kora padded forward and gently tipped Nita into a nest.