And both are similar although the taste is somewhat different. Finding Vietnamese cinnamon sticks for sale is a bigger challenge. Commonly, cinnamon is sold as a ground powder. Dutch cinnamon and ground cinnamon are said to be the same cinnamon. However, there are times when someone wants to prepare said meals but they don’t have cinnamon sticks for the time being. Can I grind cinnamon sticks to make ground cinnamon? Buy Mexican or Ceylon Cinnamon. So, with the swiftness of cinnamon, here’s our list of the magickal correspondences of Cinnamon! Cinnamon sticks are the bark of cinnamon trees. Wiki says “Despite its name, it [Saigon cinnamon] is more closely related to cassia (C. cassia) than to cinnamon (C. verum, “true cinnamon”, Ceylon cinnamon), though in the same genus as both. Saigon cinnamon, or Vietnamese cinnamon, is one of the cassia varieties of cinnamon that are less expensive and more commonly available than true cinnamon. However, there is a difference between Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon in the taste. Join me. Origins. The tree is stripped and the strips left to dry in the open air. Both cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon last a long time in your pantry, but cinnamon sticks will last longer. A lot of folks have made a hubbub about whether or not your cinnamon is real. Keeping a few sticks in the cupboard is a great insurance policy. This is the question everyone is asking, and I am here to help you find answers. The brand Frontier Co-Op sells the sticks in a 1 lb bag, though we have only seen them available online. Small pieces of the quills of either cinnamon … Ceylon Cinnamon sticks are soft, crumbly and rolled like cigar with layers of soft brittle Cinnamon bark. They taste the same, smell the same, have the same color, and the flavor is the same. But, cassia sticks curl inward from both sides, appearing like a scroll. I've taken a picture of the two types and placed them side by side. Cinnamon is made from peeling and drying the bark from the trees. Cinnamomum burmannii is primarily imported from Indonesia and is the most common form of Cinnamon in the United States. Cinnamon sticks, much like cinnamon in general, are great for preparing a lot of different meals. BUY IT: Simply Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, $23 for three (2.08-ounce) bottles at Amazon or $8 for one bottle at What We Were Looking For. As for the cinnamon sticks, there are several ways of determining whether you are getting the real deal. Ceylon Cinnamon is lighter in color while other Cinnamon tends to be darker in color. All types of cinnamon belong to the same family of plants, called the Lauraceae family. There are four economically significant species of cinnamon in the genus Cinnamomum.In this country we are probably most familiar with Korintje cinnamon (Cinnamomum burmannii) from Indonesia but cinnamon aficionados tend to gravitate more towards Ceylon cinnamon … “Only Cinnamomum verum provides the health benefits, and this is an expensive spice that is often illicitly substituted with Cinnamomum cassia.”. HOWEVER: In cooking, if it calls for the stick, there is a good reason. The names "cinnamon" and "cassia" are quite confusing to most Americans, as in this country they are often used interchangeably. Cinnamon is available in either its whole quill form (cinnamon sticks) or as ground powder. Cassia Cinnamon is a darker brown color and very hard. Cinnamon is an evergreen tree characterized by oval-shaped leaves, thick bark, and a berry fruit. Even Penzeys Spices, which is a small chain of stores, only sells the ground powder. Unground Saigon cinnamon bark looks like a flaky, dark-hued mulch. While both are harvested in sheets found beneath the bark of trees belonging to the same … Cassia Cinnamon sticks have a rough and hard texture with a reddish-brown color. Other than the coarseness of the texture, there is no difference between cinnamon powder and ground cinnamon made from the same type of bark. The truth is, both belong the same family of plants (and even the same genus -- cinnamomum). The main difference between cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon comes down to format. Cinnamomum cassia, called Chinese cassia or Chinese cinnamon, is an evergreen tree originating in southern China, and widely cultivated there and elsewhere in South and Southeast Asia (India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam). Ground cinnamon is just more convenient since you don't have to grate it yourself. These stripes are usually allowed to … Saigon cinnamon has 1-5% essential oil in content and 25% cinnamaldehyde in essential oil, which is the highest of all the cinnamon species. Saigon cinnamon can be found in most grocery stores or online — either in ground or stick form. Furthermore, the leaves of the tree can also be used in mojo bags and spells! If ground cinnamon is cheaper than the sticks in same product, they may use low quality sticks or garbage. Cinnamon is separated into two main categories: cassia cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon. Cinnamon sticks are cinnamon bark that has been rolled up into the sticks, while ground cinnamon is the powdered form of the same cinnamon bark. They are made with soft layers of Cinnamon bark from the Cinnamon tree, rolled like a cigar and light brown in color. Of the many cinnamon varieties, Saigon cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon are two of the most prized. Mexican Cinnamon sticks are sweet, mild and has a more complex flavor compared to the common Cassia Cinnamon found in the USA. Cinnamon sticks are a spice taken from the bark of the tropical evergreen. The flavour result may be similar but cinnamon sticks offer a lower flavour to food compared to the ground cinnamon. Cinnamon is used in moles, garam masala, and berbere. You can easily add it to baked goods, yogurt, cereal, and even certain savory dishes. The following year, about a dozen new shoots form from the roots, replacing those that were cut. Variations in odor, taste and nutritional value can occur between products made from different species of cinnamon trees. Cinnamon is cultivated by growing the tree for two years, then coppicing it, i.e., cutting the stems at ground level. Ground cinnamon is made from the ground up bark of cinnamon trees. In Mexico, it is usually found in stick form but can also be purchased ground. Ceylon cinnamon has different qualities (grades). A recipe may require cinnamon sticks or powder depending on the dish but powder is far more common. Most of people use ground cinnamon for medical purposes and it … Cinnamon powder can drastically change the texture, flavor, and mouth feel of items calling for a stick of cinnamon. As the cinnamon dries, the bark rolls up into the characteristic stick form.
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