Are there any passes that can cover both? . As I discovered to my sorrow, there is a difference between the train and the subway. Your residence card will prove you’re out of province anyway. As the two companies are officially separate, walking between the two lines also takes some time. Thanks! This is good for longer trips. Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shimbashi, Ueno), or at the Information counter by the ticket gates in the Keikyu Line Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station (7:00 am to 8:00 pm). Once your subway becomes a train, you will need to pay for the remaining portion. * Refunds are processed at the sales counter, and are only possible before the bus boards (before departure). I was in Tokyo for 5 days. . Correct other companies need a separate payment. Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists is a free application officially provided by Tokyo Metro to enable users to search transfer information for the Tokyo Subway network (Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway). * We only sell adult Tokyo Subway 24-hour Tickets. There is a 24, 48, and 72-hour pass, which covers the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines that cover over 200 stations throughout the city. It’s a 24-he pass from the time of activation so you can use that one first and get another 24/46/72 hr one as needed after. Please read below for further details. The combined ticket just helps you access the Haneda Airport more conveniently as well. how do i know that the asakusa line is valid for the 3 day pass? It’s worth it to Google map where you want to go first to see the best routes. Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass … The day pass has a child fair. 24 hours Adults ¥1,500 Children ¥750 the point is, none of them states if its tokyo metro or toei. Tokyo Subway Tickets covering a period longer than the length of your visit cannot be purchased. Haneda Airport is much more convenient than Narita Airport because the Keikyu train from Haneda Airport goes directly into Tokyo’s city centre with no transfers required. Guide to the Tokyo Subway 1-3 Day Pass (2019 Update) A how-to guide for the Tokyo subway pass that saves you money and time. Shame I won’t be able to use the subway pass as I come into Tokyo at 10.30pm and the counter closes at 10pm. I am staying in fkexstay inn in kitashinagawa station area. When you exit at Haneda Airport, you will need to pay the additional fair from Sengakuji Station to Haneda Airport because that part of the train is serviced by Keikyu and not Toei Subway. It can be settled with a station attendant if you enter with the pass but exit with the suica. Available to customers who have reserved/boarded a domestic Peach or Vanilla airlines flight arriving into Narita Airport and who can present a boarding pass or travel itinerary. Thanks for the feedback! No. I suggest you purchase a single journey ticket rather than swipe your Suica – the price is virtually the same and not tapping out of your Suica has more problems. So just to clarify: Let’s say that my 3day metro pass is already active because I will do it anyway on the first day. It saves you time purchasing a special train ticket from the airport and saves money. Thank you very much for the super quick response. Your pass only works for the leg that is covered along the Asakusa Line, which means you will need to pay the remaining portion for all the stations that are covered in the Narita Sky Access that is outside the Asakusa Line. It just bundles that extra ride for you. But once in Tokyo personally I prefer the metro as it goes far more places. Toden offers 1-day passes to enjoy sightseeing in the downtown areas … If you are going to the city from Haneda Airport, I suggest you use the Welcome Tokyo Subway Pass instead of trying to buy an extra train ticket. With the Tokyo subway ticket, connect to all areas in Tokyo and make quick trips to the popular attractions. While VAT has doubled in Japan, the Tokyo Subway is offering new favorable rates on day travel cards: Tokyo Subway Day Ticket, which allows you to take all lines of the Tokyo Metro and Tôei networks, is now available for 1, 2 or 3 days. 「Tokyo Subway Tickets」 will only be sold to people with IC or Non-IC Express Tickets issued up to 2 days beforehand. The added advantage of buying this pass compared to the Common One-day Ticket for Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway mentioned above is that, there are 3 … The 2 logos i showed in the infographic are also on top of every station entrance. There’s a specific pass for that not just the 72-hour ticket. With a Tokyo Metro Subway Pass, it’s easier to go around the city regardless of the season. Yes, I do have a residence card. Give it a go and please let me know!! General approach: If combining your Tokyo metro pass with another portion of the trip not covered by the pass, buy a one way ticket upon entry / exit. Tokyo Metro has a list of companies that sell this pass outside of Japan. It is not a hassle, as Tokyo has been using the fare adjustment system for decades (I was using it 20 years ago as a kid). Available to customers who have reserved/boarded a domestic ANA flight arriving into Haneda Airport (including codeshare flights [ADO, SFJ, SNA] booked with an ANA flight number) and who can present a Boarding Information card or Security Certificate, available at the departure airport. For those using tickets, your Express Ticket will be issued from the Reserved Seating Ticket Machine. 1- 2- or 3-Day Tokyo Subway Passes For Foreign Visitors The Tokyo subway lines offer limited-time passes that cover all lines, both Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway. Bonus Trivia Info between Haneda and Narita Airports. All the best! Save the hassle of hunting for an adult pass extension in the city, or go through passport verifications at the store and be limited to purchase one train pass per tourist in Tokyo. For example, what I used to do is use the Tokyo Subway Pass to enter Toei Nihonbashi Station (A13), where it is valid, and take the train directly to Haneda Airport without transferring. This blog answers all my questions on how to make use of Tokyo’s very comprehensive train system. to travel to shinjuku and then other places. The Keikyu and Toei asakusa line are the same train so you don’t need to get out. If purchasing in Tokyo, purchase from the stores above (show your passport). * For details, please contact the individual hotels. Outside of 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, please speak to a member of staff at one of the Keikyu Line Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal ticket counters. From the Q&A I read in this post, I concluded that I can use the Tokyo Metro Pass for Tokyo Metro / Toei lines, and use the Passmo/Suica for the other company’s line. I suggest buying the pass after arriving at the airport. Discount tickets for unlimited travel on all Tokyo subway (Metro and Toei) lines. You cannot use the Tokyo Subway Pass alone to enter the gates at Haneda Airport Station because that station is not a part of the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines. This pass is a prepaid ticket which enables you to have unlimited travel around Tokyo on either the Tokyo Metro or Toei Subway Lines. we are arriving in Tokyo next week, we’ll spend there 5/6 days and we are based in KICHIJOJI. If i arrive by train to Tkyo station, where is the best place to buy the pass? No. If you want to explore all of these cities in a short space of time, the Hankyū Tourist Pass is a good choice (though please note that the Kobe Kōsoku Line is not covered by this pass). If you activate at 12:00 noon, you can use the pass until 12:00 noon the next day. It is valid for either 24, 48 or 72 hours, which is important to note as it will expire that exact period after it has been activated. I am beside kachidoki station and am going to the Ghibli museum and it says that one of my trains is turning into the JR line. Child: 800 yen Where to buy: Available at JR stations, major subway stations (Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, etc.) I will give it a go and for sure let you know if it worked ^-^, Anyone can also get a ¥600 day metro pass, which is also quite handy but doesn’t cover the Toei like the visitor one does. Pay the single ticket fro Kichijoji to Shinjuku then use the pass on he metro and toei lines after. The pass doesn’t cover transit to and from either airport. Personally, I recommend that you just pay for a 1-way direct ticket from Haneda Airport and just activate the pass later. Only sold together with other travel products (transportation, accommodation, travel packages, etc.) thank you very much The Welcome! Am i correct to assume the easiest (cheapest) way for us to move around is to dayly pay the ride on the JR train to SHINJUKU and abck…and then use a 72H pass to move around the City? Stef. I plan to get to Tokyo on the night bus from my town. It doesn’t track the lines. I heard that Yamanote line is all I need? When I wrote the article, this wasn’t yet introduced. Do I use 3Day metro pass to get out via Toei Asakusa gates at this point? Coupons that the travel agency has issued can be exchanged at Tokyo Metro Station Offices and major Toei Subway Station Offices (e.g. Have a great time. I suggest you use Google Maps and not Hyperdia. Press Enter / Return to begin your search. Most shops will open around 9am or even later unfortunately especially in areas like Shibuya. If a line is not operated by the same company, there will be a gate even at an interchange station. Is this the same as the JR Pass? would be nice if we could do it automatically at the ticket gates, they have support for multiple tickets per person already…. Note that if you do enter a station like Nihonbashi, which has the Tokyo Metro’s Ginza Line as well as the Toei Subway’s Asakusa Line, that you get into the right station. Book a 24-hour, 48-hour, or 72-hour Tokyo Subway Ticket for unlimited travel around the city. In Tokyo, it is entirely possible to ride a single train through tracks owned by 3 different companies at three different parts.
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