Portfolio. For my portfolio, I use WordPress.com. Start watching. Here are a few tips. UX Writer @dropbox. A portfolio is a … John says, “make it clear what you actually wrote, and show a flow, not static content; for example ‘after you click this, you’ll get a message that says this.’ Explain the rationale behind your content choices in a way that’s easy to understand, without jargon.”, Review some of the hiring company’s content. By including rationale in your portfolio samples, you’re showing your thought process and your depth of experience. Aligning your content to a style guide means it sounds like it’s coming from one voice and one brand. 8 years as a professional writer and at least 2 years of UX/UI writing work ; A portfolio of relevant writing work ( … You will… Workshop copy and get feedback from a first-class team of UX writers Break long paragraphs into shorter ones. Join to Connect Dropbox. Does Every Team Have a UX Writer? It would have been great to have worked with a researcher to do some testing, I added, but we didn’t have time for it. As we scale our global brand, there’s plenty of space for you to grow alongside us and simplify life for millions of people globally. Want to make magic together? The image below shows the Skitch arrow, text, shape, and pixelate tools: For those in the UX community, it might be old news, but for others, it’s a completely new term: the UX writer. Follow these tips to show the value of good UX writing. It helps your customers feel confident in your product. Not every company will post a job for a “UX writer,” even if that’s what they’re looking for. UX writer John Saito agrees: “Keep a record of your work, even when you’re not looking for a job. The term I’m gravitating towards lately is “product writer.” I’m seeing more and more companies starting to have this role. You’ll work with product and design partners to develop communications that help our customers understand, purchase, and love Dropbox. A portfolio is a collection of your writing samples, usually viewable online. . Express an opinion when asked, but be gentle. When you can’t test your content in front of real users, does that mean it’s not valuable? Follow our publication, Twitter, and Dribbble. A 404 is frustrating for the user, so Dropbox’s writers show us they care and offer alternative solutions. UX writer Angela Gorden says that portfolios should be scannable, adding that when she reviews portfolios, “I make up my mind kind of fast. My Dropbox colleague and UX writing superstar, John Saito, introduced me to Skitch. Please share in the comments! Here are several ways you can show your team the value of good UX writing, all without user testing. Login to Dropbox. It truly depends on the structure of your organisation. And by relevant, I mean UX writing experience — make sure it’s front and center. (Actually, I did this for all the companies I interviewed with.). Dropbox Design. The UX writing group here is small but mighty, and I’m thrilled to be a member! I laughed when Roxy remembered I introduced myself with a picture of my cat! Surprised that a job like this exists? That being said, if you have an internal referral that can actually speak to your UX writing experience, go for it. Assume the interview team knows less about your projects, not more.”. Get a little personal. Angela: At Dropbox, UX writers are embedded in product areas. No. Jennie Tan is a UX writer who crafts UI text, microcopy, transactional emails, tooltips, and error messages for Dropbox's desktop, web, and mobile surfaces. The onsite interview can last more than 3 hours, and may include a portfolio presentation, several 1:1 meetings with writers and other staff, and sometimes an on-the-spot writing exercise. After all, a UX writer often collaborates with designers, so a clean and modern resume will be noticed. How to show it If you make it short and sweet, you’re showing a love of brevity, which is an important UX writing principle. Writing at a lower grade level helps people understand your content faster. Because I hadn’t ever bothered to archive my work. , __How do you show the value of good UX writing? uxdesign.cc . So you can imagine my excitement when I received an email from them the very next day! I chose the Sketch theme because it looked most like a designer’s portfolio, masonry grid and all. What this is and why it’s valuable In San Francisco, for example, we have the UX Writers Meetup. To be completely honest, this tip got a mixed reaction from the Dropbox team. Which meant I had to go slogging through directories and folders and wikis and Slack channels and chat transcripts looking for proof that I, did indeed, know how to do UX writing. Just like a resume, a portfolio is a reflection of you as a UX writer. So were many companies until recently. Want to make magic together? This is just a personal preference, but I like a resume that shows a little design skill. UX Writer (Dropbox) Dropbox simplifies the way people work together. Follow the instructions carefully. Focus on UX writing samples. For example, let’s say you’re working on a confirmation message, “File saved.” Your content style guide promotes quietly playful content. Not all companies give the same title to UX writers. Le poids des mots est important dans le métier d’UX Writer. Featured. Dropbox, Facebook, Airbnb, Pinterest, Google, Spotify, 18F, and lots of small and medium-sized technology companies have UX writing, content strategy, or content design teams.