See examples of Even though in English. LTK: Even though you can get them at a discount, colored contact lenses are not known for being inexpensive. For example, instead of thinking “I am a poor test taker and even though I studied I will do badly on the test” think “I studied hard and am ready to do the best I can on the test”. This virtual exclusion from the mails was continued to the financial ruin of some newspapers even though the objection was based on the material in only one issue. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Larger monitors cost more, so even though you may want a huge monitor and have room for it at your desk, you may not want to pay the price attached. In these relations a man will have pleasure, even though it may result in painful and even fatal consequences. A roller coaster fanatic may think the Mad Hatter Tea Party is boring, even though a 7-year-old may beg to differ. Applegate chose an aggressive form of treatment by undergoing a double mastectomy, even though the cancer was only found in one breast. In most instances it's very easy to see the eyes darting back and forth even though the eyes are closed. However, you will still have to take a 2010 RMD by December 31, 2010, which the IRS will count as your "second" RMD, even though you didn't take a "first" one for 2009. While reality is conjunctions are of two types : 1) Co-ordinating conjunctions 2) … Thus, even though it arose from national views, in its esseiice it is not national (as, for instance, the Israelite creed), but individualistic, and at the same time universal. It's important to remember that even though outdoor fabrics are designed to withstand the elements, they can get damaged and degraded. Even when the interview went terribly yesterday, Cheryl got the job.Not Correct This sentence is incorrect because the interview did not go terribly more than one time. Baur has had tremendous influence, even though many of his positions have been generally discredited. Many women still sport the cut today, even though Jennifer herself has long abandoned it. ), " upon that exposition and read it, I gave thanks to God that the Church of Rome was rightly and blamelessly making confession, even though they happened'to be against me personally.". They'll follow up on the girl's story even though you and I know it's bogus. One thing that got annoying even though it adds to the realism: I hit a wall with my sword. Even I can't believe that. 30. In the Philippines, the main drawback is even though you can maintain a high quality of living, there are always a lot of unknowns. It can emphasize a word, a phrase or a clause beginning with a word like if, as or though. Size: Even though the point of a designer litter box is to have something cute, you'll still want a litter pan that is functional for your cat. Backgrounder: Even though the iPhone now has a false sense of multi-tasking, it doesn't actually run multiple applications at the same time. Use: Understanding how you'll use your camera plays an important part in the selection process, even though that use may evolve over time. He is bound to warrant the lessee against, and to indemnify him for, any loss arising from any faults or defects in the thing hired which prevent its use, even though he was not aware of them at the time of the lease (Art. His anger was apparent to everyone, even though he tried to hide it. Alex was hurting, and even though she wasn't the cause, there was nothing she could do to help. (9th ed.) His scent still lingered on her skin, even though she'd taken a shower earlier. None the less, the Assyrian statements with regard to the Medes demonstrate that the Iranians must have reached the west of Iran before 900 B.C. Parents should be screened, however, to see if they are carriers, even though inheritance of DiGeorge syndrome is rare. Even though bonds outperform stocks only 27 percent of the time, We stayed in touch even though we lived some distance apart. I will go there even if it rains. Goldberg said she plans on just being herself, even though she is replacing Rosie O'Donnell, who was known for her verbal outbursts on the show. The mother, even though she be left a widow, is not. It is when they feel signs that an outbreak is about to start that they are particularly contagious, even though the skin still appears normal. Should the second clause in a sentence begin with “although” or “even though”, then there is no need for a comma. When it comes to highlights for dark brown hair, know that it can be done, even though it might take a lot of patience on your part, particularly if you are doing the coloring yourself. An advowson may, however, be sold during a vacancy, though that will not give the right to present to that vacancy; and a clerk may buy an advowson even though it be only an estate for life, and present himself on the next vacancy. The cultivation of the potato in England made but little progress, even though it was strongly urged by the Royal. They can all be used at the beginning or in the middle of the sentence. We may therefore assume that, in acts of public worship at any rate, prayer and its magico-religious congeners are at all stages resorted to as a "means of grace," even though such grace do not constitute the expressed object of petition. Although/even though he had enough money, he refused to buy a new car. Sometimes, pieces can be aspirated into the lungs, and even though breathing returns to normal, wheezing, chest pain, persistent cough, and pneumonia can develop within a few days due to the foreign body in the lung. About 90% of women will get a positive result the first day after they miss their period--but 10% of women will test negative even though they are pregnant. The sleeper may twist around in bed or sit up and cry out as a result of their fear, often with their eyes wide open in a stare, even though they remain asleep. I shall not overlook the fact, even though you may. Yahoo Maps - Even though Yahoo Maps is very similar to Google Maps, Yahoo offers a more visibly appealing interface. One nice thing is that even though this Jeopardy game is a single player game, you can compare scores with other players on the leaderboard. Limit stress: Even though there is no definitive link between stress and hypertension, doctors do know that stress can be harmful to the body. She rarely became angry, even though she suffered cruelly. GuildWars is sometimes considered an MMOG even though players tend to work in small groups. 6. Most use high-intensity halogen bulbs, so even though the individual lights are quiet small, the beam is penetrating. Matt's Music Page: Even though Matt prefaces his list of tabs with, "Sorry, but it is impossible for me to guarantee the accuracy of all tabs," he still does a great job compiling tabs for Three Days Grace's music. And even though Tetris has gone through several incarnations, the original formula still stands out as the best and by far the most addictive. 8. Remember, even though a home pregnancy test may claim to be accurate as soon as five days prior to your next menstruation date, the test will be significantly more accurate if you wait until a week after your missed period. Tensions mounted all through the 1830s as militias were raised on both sides in what later came to be known as the Aroostook War, even though there was never actually a war or casualties. Your hands will learn the moves properly so that, even though you'll still need practice, you will have an inherent understanding of how to tie the knot correctly. " We lost the championship game, though we played really well. " He doesn't know I know, and blamed his rudeness for "family problems" even though earlier he said it was something else. Every month they would test my grip, and for a long time my left grip was weaker than the right, even thoughI'm left-handed. They introduce a dependent clause that needs to be attached to an independent clause. Would he go to this extent to be granted admittance, even though he might not survive long enough to get whatever it was he came for? Also see what their delivery fee is so you're not surprised to find that you went over your budget even though the arrangement you chose was less than the maximum you were willing to spend. In most cases the child will bring up water that is offered during the acute phase of an attack even though he or she may be very thirsty. Crime rate - According to the U.S. Census, even though Alaska rates as the 48th state in population, its crime rate is the 22nd highest in the United States. Remember if you want to be more emphatic then use “even though”. Example sentences: " I went to school, though I really wanted to stay home. " Engelhardt (Les Protectorats anciens et modernes) and other writers on the subject have collected a large number of instances in antiquity in,which a true protectorate existed, even though the name was not used. Glides Easily: Even though this pencil is both sharp and sturdy, it still manages to glide on pretty easily. Our male is always sniffing her and trying to mount her, even though it has been six weeks since her heat ended. She doesn't want to give up, even though she knows she doesn't have a legal right. There is nothing wrong with the quality of these paints, and even though the color might have been slightly wrong for another customer, it could be the perfect color for your room. They introduce a dependent clause that needs to be attached to an independent clause. The uncircumcized proselyte was similarly excluded from the Paschal meal on which the Eucharist was largely modelled, even though it may not have been in any way a continuation of the same. Even though their genes are identical, they might be expressed differently. Doing all this and more can help you not only prepare well for enjoying a stress-free maternity leave, but it can also show your boss that you are a seriously efficient and responsible employee even though you're taking leave. Still, even though he was willing to compromise, he had a right to voice his concerns. An alcoholic is someone who cannot quit drinking, even though they know they are causing damage to themselves and those around them. try its best to collect and build good sentences. It can appear very elegant, even though it's far from the traditional white. She had decided to let it grow long, even though she feared the weight of it would remove the curls. They all work the same way, though, even though the molecules are a little different. What's wonderful about this wide color selection is that even though there are bold shades like red and black, there are also colors that are more subtle and matte. It's difficult to see even though in a sentence . The remote descendant of a duke, even though he may chance to be heir presumptive to the dukedom, is in no way distinguished from any other gentleman; it is even possible that he may not hold the social rank of gentleman. Though, although and even though are subordinating conjunctions. He often does that when he's out of town even though he's always home before they get here. It is found that, even though the earth were no more elastic than steel, its yielding combined with the mobility of the ocean would make this ratio about 2 :3, resulting in an increase of the period by one-half, making it about 457 days. Despite the rain, we enjoyed the festival. For with increased density of population it becomes profitable to make improvements on the original location, even though this may involve increased charges for interest and for some parts of its maintenance, for the sake of securing that economy of operation, through larger train-loads, which such an improved location makes possible. It seems you're in a constant powerslide even though you're going straight. When parents cosign for the cards they are still responsible for the debt even though they may not have access to make purchases off the accounts. Jule trusted this Damian, even though they were both the Guardians her father warned her about. Communication is now free; and it has been found that prices are absolutely lowered by thus bringing the consumer nearer to his market, even though the rate of taxation be increased. Honestly, I am still just as lazy with myself and the dogs sometimes even though the weather may be nice outside. 2. for two pins used to say that you would like to do sth. Even though definition is - —used as a stronger way to say 'though' or 'although'. I don't mind, though. Her cheeks were pale and puffy, even though emaciated. Unfortunately, even though these dual lip gloss sets are the cat's meow, it's actually rather difficult to find one that contains a liner! even though in a sentence. That the area of a parallelogram is equal to the area of a rectangle on the same base and between the same parallels, or that the volume of a cone is one-third that of a cylinder on the same base and of the same height, may be established by a proof which is admitted to be rigorous, or be accepted in good faith without proof, and yet fail to be a matter of conviction, even though there may be a clear conception of the relative lengths of the diagonal and the side of a square or of the relative contents of two vessels of different shapes. Because computer users really didn't know any better, the game was a fairly decent success even though none of the graphics looked anything like the signature characters or imagery from the popular Batman comic book stories. Tiger checks out of rehab in Mississippi, even though people claim to have spotted him everywhere from Manhattan to the Bahamas. Someone who suffers from anorexia may tell you that he/she feels fat even though he/she is underweight. They may be three to four minutes apart lasting 40-60 seconds even though the pattern may not be regular. 5. The condition is harmless, even though it is distressing for parents or caregivers. The Gosselin divorce is nearing its finale, even though Jon came to the proceedings bearing roses. It didn't take long for them to make their way from the docks to the back decks, the boats to the store aisles, even though their skid-resistant design was perfect (and made for) water activities. Here is what I do know; it can be very dangerous for your dogs to hang their heads out the car windows, even though you know they love so very much to do just that. " My job is stressful, though it's a great place to work. " She didn't even try to help. I feel obligated to watch my cousin's kid when he asks me to babysit, even though he's a rambunctious brat. I spend less time waiting for Excel to do a recalculation of my formulas today than I did on my 386 in the 1990s, even though my spreadsheets are thousands of times more complex. Images of Ireland that many Irish find hugely offensive, such as leprechauns, have propagated the myth that all the Irish have red hair, even though very few do or ever have. For Example, The Bore Of The Tube Is No Longer A Matter Of Indifference, Even Though The Attachment Of The Drop Occurs Entirely At The Outer Edge. ‘Though’ following an adjective. "Oh, please read us the rest, even if we won't understand it," they pleaded, delighted with the rhythm, and the beauty which they felt, even though they could not have explained it. After all, even though the holidays can be stressful, try to remember that these people (for the most part) truly love you and want to see you happy. I will always be, even if love pale. So even though such a card may be a promotional offer, it's still worth considering. Connecting the Atari classic Combat with real-life violence is absurd, even though the game simulates dogfights and tank warfare. Afterburner is cleverly presented in 3-D even though the sprites are in 2-D and the same can be said of Sega's Outrun. Even though only 7 percent of the world has a temperate climate, nearly half of the world's people live in these areas. On the other hand, some people believe that it is safer to cook the meat before feeding it to their dogs, even though this will compromise some of the nutrients. I always wake up automatically at 7:00 even if I forget to set the alarm. She must not have twisted one of the locks, even though she'd checked them all twice. He had to work even on Sunday. Bear in mind that even though a weed killer may be organic, it does not always mean it will not damage the environment at all. Likewise, you cannot replace “though” with “although” in a sentence that reads, “Things were about … 3. How to use although in a sentence. Real sentences showing how to use Even though correctly. Upon institution the church is full against everybody except the crown, and after six months' peaceable possession the clerk is secured in possession of the benefice, even though he may have been presented by a person who is not the proper patron. A note of advice: even though the pricing is suppose to be over at a specified time, chances are that the price is in effect until they sell out. He'd forgotten, even though Cynthia hadn't. As these flakes readily split open, when a piece of this iron is broken rupture passes through them, with the result that, even though the graphite may form only some 3% of the mass by weight (say to% by volume), practically nothing but graphite is seen in the fracture. The former couple's battle over custody of their two sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston, continues to make headlines even though the couple's divorce has been final for several months. In other words, if the teenager fails to make a payment the responsibility legally falls onto the parents, even though they did not make purchases on the cards. Although definition is - in spite of the fact that : even though. A number of recipes people seem to reserve for camping adventures, even though they could also be prepared and enjoyed at home. It is usually a good idea to avoid artificial materials like rayon, polyester, or nylon, even though they may look shiny and stretchy. Ms. Seranne was a long time breeder and dog judge, and even though you're not particularly looking to raise a show dog, the section on dog pregnancy contains the finest information I've ever found on the topic. All the games were created with Flash and even though the titles of the games include "Flash", they are great reproductions of the original games. She hasn't phoned, even though she said she would. Since the condition of the medium between A and B remains constant, even though the matter is continually changing, the momentum possessed by the matter between A and B is constant. It's difficult to see even though in a sentence. Keep in mind that even though it is called casual, there are some things you should not wear. Wingate Inn: The hot buffet breakfast at this hotel is the perfect way to get fueled up for a day of fun, and even though the park is a mile away, the free shuttle service can bring guests close to the action more quickly. who serve their fellows, are the brethren of Christ, even though they do not call him Lord (Mark iii. The phenomena which deceived us may continue to persist, but they no longer persist as illusory: the appearance which deceived us is seen in its true nature, even though it should still retain those characteristic marks or signs of reality which hitherto we regarded as significant of a nature which we now no longer believe it to possess. The Imari ware, even though its thick biscuit and generally ungraceful shapes be omitted from the account, shows no enamels that can rival the exquisitely soft, broken tints of the famille rose; and the Kakiemon porcelain, for all its rich though chaste contrasts, lacks the delicate transmitted tints of the shell-like kwan-yao. The phone woke me up, even though it wasn't very loud. As men age, their hair follicles constrict, eventually growing shorter, finer hair and eventually ceasing to produce hair altogether, even though the follicles remain active. Luckily, most of this work can still be seen in museums today even though many of the artists are gone. "It was nice being able to go to school everyday and just hang out with my friends like a normal kid, even though I was getting a lot of national media attention in my Junior and Senior years," he says. She has brought you here, and even though I cannot destroy you traitors, others can. Even though the frame styles cannot be tried on via the net, sizing information & assistance is available on the site and many searching options are available to 'narrow your search'. Currently, even though laptops come with a decent amount of storage, many computer users use external drives to save data in case the laptop crashes. How to use though in a sentence. This hookup, even though it looks to be only of the "just friends" variety is, to most, a very transparent way for fame mongering Tequila to stay in the spotlight. Compare the following: But he told me he'd give me a choice about whether or not I wanted to be with him, even though he's obligated by those laws. She liked him, too, even though he was different from Damian and Dusty. Marilyn Monroe is considered one of the gold standards of beauty and sensuality on the big screen, but even though her beauty is still exalted today she would be hard pressed to get a job in modern Hollywood. 11. It's not that the game is too easy, even though it is, it's that it's too simple, especially for a tycoon game. Synonyms for even though include although, despite the fact, despite the fact that, in spite of the fact that, though, albeit, allowing that, as much as, even when and … Herac. Electric only drive or, does it use only electric power even though gas and electric engines and motors are combined? In spite of all difficulties, this religion is worthy of personal belief, even though it mean opposition and suffering. "although" are the same as "but", except they are a bit more formal and can be used at the beginning of a sentence. Sadness showed in their eyes even though no tears were shed. On the diet I would chomp my way through breakfast. Much like winning the Masters golf tournament, I decided that once a winner, it deserved a chance to defend its title, even though Parker hasn't bothered to rate it and the best score that Wine Spectator could muster was an 88. However, even though many of these rooms are on the expensive side, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to achieve similar looks without breaking the bank. For instance, your home is an asset because even though you are spending income on a mortgage today, you may be able to sell your home for a profit in the future. In addition, even though traditional origami does not involve cutting or gluing, sometimes these techniques are helpful to make a model a bit more durable.