The only way I know to test that would be to pull the HD and try to boot from another source (optical disk, external or Network drive) If that boot is white screen it confirms logic board and eliminates HD OR, put the HD in an external case and try to boot another Mac from it. That's what it seems to be, unless it's OS corruption of the HD. This stays for a moment – until the loading scroll bar reaches about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way across – and then the screen goes grey. Certainly lean on Apple quoting UK/EEC consumer rights law; and even get Which involved too? Shut down your Mac by going Apple menu >Shutdown. The 2011 15inch has bad GPU/South bridge issues. If that boot is white screen" it would indicate the HD. I’ve got green flashing neons on my supposedly black part of graphics. I've tried the external monitor method, and I got the same white screen at the external monitor. It was a combination of command+R and removing memory and replacing memory. I am unsure of what the problem could be. (Macbook Pro 2012), 07/29/2019 by ** Solution Worked for me:** I forced shutdown mac. As soon as it shut off I repeated again, then the boot up screen appeared fine. Provided the item has not been mishandled/abuse that is the rule. Disconnect, clean and reconnect. Put the bottom cover back in place (don’t screw it back on yet) and turn your MacBook on. I had a similar issue where a 2011 Macbook Pro 8.2 would restart on its own. adambarscheski. Apple can/will refuse it if clear evidence of mistreatment of the device in question; which seems reasonable to me. This "fix" will last between 30 days and 6 months. And none of them seem to have worked at all, 08/23/2017 by After restarting i see gray horizontal lines w Apple logo, logined w password and went thru process bar then white blank screen,, then after a bit shuts off itself. For example, buy a replacement MacBook screen from another repair shop or online. Second I borrow my friend MBP than put her MBP internal hd into an external case and plug it into my MBP and I try to boot. My almost 3 year old MBP shows a full screen of artifacts like horizontal lines with blue and pink boxes. Its been working fine till now, Hope this helps someone else If they have a problem. It's there no matter what I do. The repair itself was done in a day. It had a message in the center of the screen that said to push the power button to power off in several languages. Consumer law in the UK has a 6yr warranty on all electronics (5yrs in the EEC). Just to be clear on that one, the Tantalum Cap issue is only for the Nvidia models. If MacBook pro vertical lines on startup and you can't fix it at Apple repair store: it may be a good idea to seek a third party. This time it went passed to my start up screen. Anyway, glad to hear you got it going. Red horizontal lines display right after you startup, it will go on to show you the apple (still in red horizontal lines), then it show the gray screen, and your fans start running like crazy. Hi, sorry my response isn't completely accurate. This was taken in 2013, and repair was done. Return the the bottom cover and screw it back in. Some users are experiencing an ongoing display issue, primarily affecting Penryn-based MacBook Pros. And I've tried to reset the ram but nothing happen and I still got the white screen. Hi! Greg Wright, thanks a lot it worked great for my mac. Does anyone have any suggestions? Nothing happen. RMM method is not applicable to Nvidia models. Plastic will melt, so not over 400F. are worth reading nonethless; may give you some leverage even with Apple since the current screen was replaced just over a year ago I>n my book to have it fail again (if it has) is not acceptable. I couldn't even get to the disk utility screen. Since I upgraded my window from Windows 8 to Windows 10, there is a fine grey horizontal line at the bottom of my screen. I'm using MBP unibody late 2011 2,2 ghz. Everything worked fine for the first 4 days. The most likely is simply the age of the machine and the way it has been used in the past — probably something related to burn-in.