Even if this symbol was somewhat neglected over time, the great comeback was in Christianity, where the Fish is one of the most important symbols, besides the Cross, and it was referred as “the Fish of Heaven.”. In most of the symbolic scriptures, such as in prophetic visions, the seas represent the nations, the dry land represents Israel (or believers in the Creator), and the fish in the seas represent people in the nations that have yet to be “brought ashore” to receive the “breath of life,” or His Spirit. It is not historically proven that Fish was first used by Christians as a mark of recognition (the recognition of faith), that is, like a secret password – believers are known for this sign. Many ancient peoples considered it sacred and were deprived of using it as edible, due to its relationship with the Sea. On the back of vehicles, … Read morePROPHETIC MEANING OF FISH IN THE BIBLE PROPHETIC MEANING OF FISH IN THE BIBLE قالب وردپرس In Ancient Egypt, fish was a regular staple food, fresh or dried, but it was forbidden for figures that had to do anything with religious work. On the other hand, it could be that you are surrounded by mysteries; you do not see something that is important. In terms of prophetic meanings, seeing fish in a dream possibly suggest you are about to explore the whole new world of ideas and thoughts, possibly in very spiritual sense. Prophetic Symbolism of Fish Like the butterfly, the fish is a symbol of psychic movement, although capable of ascending towards the spiritual. He is Brahma’s spiritual son a god-man. It is also a symbol of spiritual journey. In Greek mythology, the Fish takes one very important place; and the word “Delphos” had a dual meaning – oracle and Fish. Fish is one of the oldest symbols in the world. This can be applied for people regardless of their beliefs, and it is enough to know that there is something more in our mortal life, something that is beyond. When you eat fish in the dream, it will plant evil fruit in your body to cause sickness, poverty, bad luck, rising and falling, death and other symptoms includes, affliction, moving object in the body, miscarriage, marriage problem and these signs can you under satanic bondage, thereby making stagnant. The later Fish goddess Aphrodite was celebrated by her followers on a holy day, Friday, when they ate Fish. { Any dream about fish could carry some special meaning and indicate important things. But on the other side of this story, this is also one of the most common symbols that are associated with life, as it is, but also with fear and instability. This is transected into the Old Jewish Passover fell on the month of Adar (Adar-fish) as Christian Jews taught that Fish was the food of the blessed in paradise as well as a symbol of the heavenly feast in the life to come. They laid its beams and set its doors, its bolts, and its bars. This way of looking at the Fish remains till this day since even if fasting, the Fish is one of the foods that are allowed. In Hinduism, Fish is encountered in the cults of Vishnu, the savior in his first incarnation and the creator of a new race, and Varuna, the golden Fish. Dreaming about fishes could biblically mean that you have a divine connection or you have spiritual guidance over your life. It is best understood if you take dreams about fish. In Egypt, fish had ambivalent symbolism and value. And in the end, let us not forget the religious, spiritual meaning of the Fish, as it is the true symbol of faith. Here the fish represents a time for reflection, a time for silence, a time for preparation. Fish is universal symbol for fertility and abundance, because of their reproductive habits and especially the number of eggs. This is something that is a well-known fact – In Delphi; therefore, the original Fish goddess was first celebrated. 1. id: "7c5da776-7ab8-4803-b010-b7fc7d3a4476", This is also attributed to the very element of water. The symbol of Fish often appears through history, and whenever you look, this is one symbol that carries power, and this is no wonder since it connected to the life itself, or the origin of life. Fish is also frequently mentioned in the New Testament. But not only that. The symbol of fish, seen in dreams or elsewhere could be a sign from heavens; your guardian angels may send you a message that should encourage you in your faith. Fish as express symbol secrecy, mystery, everything that is hidden, the shadow, and in this sense, you may be the one that likes to keep things in the dark, or you are the one that is held in the dark. Fishes, especially goldfish, represent money and wealth, and a dead fish definitely indicates your wallet may be emptier than now in the near future. So, in this Prophetic Meaning, Fish can be the symbol of a particular situation or event, depends on whether it is large or small, whether it is free or not, whether it is a “goldfish” from a fairy tale or not.